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TO GO SPECIALS - Tuesday - Friday All Day

ONLY $8.99+Tax

A plate with your choice of meat from the following 2 Skewers of Lule or 1 Skewer of Chicken Breast or 1 Skewer of Dark Chicken. The Plate will be served with Rice, Pickles, Hamus, Pita Bread and 1 can of Soda.


Itís    that    time    of    year    again!    Gather    up    with    your    loved    ones    for    a    super,        yummy    Thanksgiving    meal    from    Kokoís!    

Chef    Elie    wants    to    make    sure    all    his    customers    have    a    delicious    Thanksgiving    meal,    with    

the    following    3    deals!    


Deal 1- $139.99

Deliciously    seasoned    whole    turkey    

Mashed    potatoes

(Enough    for    15    people)    

Deal 2- $179.99

Deliciously    seasoned    whole    turkey    

Mashed    potatoes

Ghoozoyeechy    (Armenian    rice    with    roasted    nuts)

(Enough    for    15    people)                  



Deal 3- $219.99

Deliciously    seasoned    whole    turkey

Mashed    potatoes

Ghoozooyeechy    (Armenian    rice    with    roasted    nuts)

Two    appetizers    from    the    following    choices:    

Hummus,    Mootabal,    Muhamara,    Labni,    Salad 

(Enough    for    15    people) 


Thank You & Happy Thanksgiving From our family, at Kokoís, to yours!




Lean raw meat with cracked wheat, steak tartar

Red Snapper

Fried red snapper with chips

Urfa Kebab


Eggplant Kebab minced meat with eggplant

Lamb Chops


With Anta Kali Bread

Adana Kebab


Spicy ground minced meat, Spicy Lule



Minced meat with pine nuts (not served with tomatoes)

Grilled and Fried Fish


(Barbonia & Snaper)


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